The Ultimate Virtual Managed Desktop


The Virtual Managed Desktop which can host all your business applications, even custom developed Windows apps.

Your data is stored in Australian Data Centres and delivered to your device securely. No data stored on your device.

Installation, support and upgrades are included in the monthly fee. No more bill shock or unexpected charges.

It allows you to grow and innovate your business. No long term contract. Our excellent service keeps our customers.

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Future proof your business with IT on Cloud

We deliver a state of the art IT system from the cloud for small to medium sized businesses just like yours.

At IT on Cloud, we provide a service the larger players simply can’t match. A personalised service and a better price using the latest technology.

With IT on Cloud you have
– No servers to manage
– No upfront cost
– No long term lock in contracts
– No equipment lease every time you upgrade

Would your business survive a Disaster?

Did you know that most companies don’t have any Disaster Recovery plan for their IT?

Having your data and applications hosted in the Cloud doesn’t necessarily mean that your data is protected against natural disasters. Even if you can gain access to your servers within days, the restored data could be weeks old.

At IT on Cloud we operate from multiple Data Centres that are connected with multiple super-fast links.

Should your business need a disaster recovery plan to comply with industry regulations, we are able to replicate your data to another independent data centre to ensure that you are back up and running as quickly as possible.


What our customers saying about our service

  • Just a quick note to let you know that the support service for IT on Cloud is wonderful. You should be proud of the team and the system. Thank you.
    Dr Alex B
  • Our system is so much faster ever since we moved to IT on Cloud. Before the move, we had so many issues, but now there are hardly any. Our users are much happier.
    Mike P
    Oil Distribution
How does IT on Cloud compare to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)?
Many cloud companies provide Infrastructure as a Service, which is great if your business is hosting websites which you need to scale up or down. For a typical company office environment however, you may have Line of Business Applications which are crucial to your business. In this instance, IaaS services may not offer much advantage over having an in-house system except the data and servers are stored in a Data Centre.

How does IT on Cloud Compare to Office 365 or Google Apps?
Office 365 and Google Apps are two of the best known online offerings from the major cloud providers. They may suit your business if you have well maintained PC’s, virus scanners and have no serious Line of Business application or have no need for any customisation of your applications. As your business grows however, these services may have serious limitations integrating other systems not to mention they all have to be managed separately.

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